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Postby mouimet » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:43 am


I'm trying to migrate from release 3.16.9 to release 4.3.03 and have an issue with Flash.eraseBlock method.

It worked fine up to know, but on 4.3.03, the application seems to hang. In Charade, I see that it executes the method but then Charade goes into Idle and nothing happens.

com.ajile.drivers.flash.Flash sFlashImpl = new com.ajile.drivers.flash.Flash();
sFlashImpl.eraseBlock(524288, 2031616, 65536);

The values are the ones used on release 3.16.9 with exactly same device and same configuration.

I'm thinking something could have changed in implementation of Flash in 4.3.03...
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