Company History

The people of aJile Systems have been closely involved with the evolution of embedded Java™ technology from the beginning, first as engineers at Rockwell Collins, and later as founders and employees of aJile Systems. The technical team at aJile worked together at Rockwell Collins in the mid-1990s developing the very first direct execution microprocessor for the Java platform, the JEM1™.

The announcement of JEM1, the world's first JVM bytecode direct execution microprocessor, attracted national press attention on September 22, 1997, including coverage by The Wall Street Journal, CNNfn, CNBC, PR Newswire, and National Public Radio. The JEM1 announcement was also the lead story in Electronic Engineering Times. EE Times subsequently did a feature story in January 1998 on the development of the JEM1, along with a sidebar on Rockwell Collins' CPU Development History.

Members of the aJile technical team have continued to provide contributions to the embedded and real-time Java community. The company's JEM™ architecture was prominently featured in a special edition of IEEE Spectrum devoted to embedded Java technology-enabled applications.