aJile Systems develops the following categories of products:

Silicon Products:

aJile Systems develops and markets a family of low-power, direct execution 32-bit microprocessors combined with aJile real-time OS kernel for the JME (Java Micro Edition) platform – JME in Silicon. This silicon-based JME and target the new generation of Java enabled mobile internet appliances and M2M networked embedded devices. Products in this category include Java SOCs (System On Chip), evaluation boards, and CPU modules.

Java M2M Platforms:

In addition to silicon-based JME silicon products, aJile also provides a Java System Product for the OSGi and Sedona Java Middleware Platforms targeting internet connected M2M (Machine to Machine) applications. Java platform system product is called JNIB-102 (Java Network Interface Box, based on aJile’s aJ-102 Networking SOC). Users can develop their M2M applications based on this platform using OSGi or Sedona Middleware.

Security Products:

aJile Systems also develops Security System Products based on aJile Java Networking Multimedia SOC and smart intrusion sensing technologies for car and facility (home and offices) security applications.