Java has become the most popular programming language for internet connected applications. Java is versatile, efficient, and easy to maintain. Software development in Java results in faster time to market and lower development cost.

aJile Systems is a pioneer in Real-Time (<1 usec deterministic response) Java Direct Execution Technology. aJile Provides A 32-bit pure Java Processor platform combined with a built in Real-time OS for Embedded and Internet Enabled Devices.

aJile is the world’s only Java platform using unique patented Java Direct Execution technology for best Java performance. aJile’s Java Direct Execution technology allows 100% of Java Bytecodes to be directly executed in silicon without interpretation or JIT (Just In Time) compilation, resulting in best Java performance. Competing Java platforms, illustrated below, only directly execute part of (up to 60%) the Java Bytecodes, leaving the rest to be interpreted or JIT compiled. Benchmarks have demonstrated that aJile Direct Execution is up to 4.8 times faster than the next best performing Java platform using partial direct execution.

Real Time performance (with deterministic response) is accomplished by native Real Time Java Threading  primitives and aJile’s patented Multiple JVM (MJVM) technology. MJVM, illustrated below, allows multiple JVM to be executed in one processor by time slicing among the multiple JVMs. For example, with 2 JVMs, one JVM can be allocated for Real Time processes and the other JVM for non real time  processes.  Another use of 2 JVMs is to enhance security by running secured processes in one JVM and Internet Connected Applications (exposed to outside threat) on the other.

Technical details of Java Direct Execution and MJVM is available in White Papers and Technology FAQ.

aJile Java Platform supports the JME (Java Micro Edition) Platform, which along with JSE (Java Standard Edition) and JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) form the basis of end to end Java Platforms spanning applications in mobile/embedded devices, desktops/laptops, and Enterprise Servers/Clients. aJile provides a JME platform in silicon complete with real time OS kernel, drivers for standards I/Os, network stacks, file system, security framework, JME API, and middleware support, as illustrated below. With aJile Java JME platform in silicon, customers need to focus their development effort only on their Java Applications.

Detail of aJile’s Real Time OS JME Platform is available in aJile Real Time JME in Silicon.

Along with a JME platform in silicon, aJile also provides a complete user-friendly IDE (Integrated Development Environment) based on Open Source Tools such as Eclipse and Netbeans as illustrated below.